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Prices includes USPS First Class shipping (2-5 days). If you prefer faster shipping, we offer USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days) option at check out.

Warranty: 30-days money-back including shipping. 90-days product warranty (customer to pay shipping for both-ways). The product warranty is extended to 1 year for subscribed units.

The default LCD option is the display with blue background light. However, if blue light is harmful for your use case (e.g. for agricultural farms, blue light can be harmful for plants), you may choose LCD with green background light (no price difference).

Regular price includes email alerts to your login email (no additional cost). For additional features (such as SMS alerts, power loss detection etc), a subscription ($1.99/month or $17.99/year) is required. Alternatively, you can go for BuyOut option that offers all features for life (no more monthly/yearly subscription). For more information on features, click here.

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Standard Watchman with No Display

Temperature, Humidity Low cost option, same features as Standard Watchman, without an on-unit display. Logs are accessible via App / portal

Standard Watchman

Temperature, Humidity

For more details click here

Watchman with External Probe

Temperature External probe is water proof. For more details click here.
Please note that the External Probe version does not support humidity sensor.

Watchman with Gas monitoring

Temperature, Humidity, Gas level Please note that it does not provide the exact gas concentration (provides relative values). The detection of certain components in the air usually requires a more precise and costly instrument, which cannot be done with a single gas sensor. For more details click here.

Watchman with Water sensor and buzzer

Temperature, Humidity, Water Water leak is detected by value varying from 0-1024. The sensor will report 0-50 for dry conditions whereas it will read higher (usually 200+) the moment it detect any water or moisture droplets. Also triggers a buzzer sound for alerting. For more details click here.

(Optional) Watchman Gateway

N/A Simply cable-connect the gateway to your existing router and Watchman units will auto-connect and come online. They are pre-programmed to connect with the gateway (no need to perform WiFi setup on Watchman). You only need 1 gateway for all your Watchman units at a given location.
Recommended if you have dual-band WiFi or looking for plug-and-play setup.
Watchman Gateway

All units include a complimentary "party-detect" feature (useful for vacation-rentals). It is an algorithmic-estimate based on active devices on your network. The result may not show the exact count (i.e. number of people at the location), however it can reliably detect if there is a gathering (or sudden increase in the count) - hence referred as "party-detect" feature.

For questions, please send us a message at: tech@pp-code.com